#BfHY isn’t just about Bendigo Homeless Youth

You know folks, this isn’t just about Bendigo..

Sure, we are raising money for OUR town to solve OUR town’s problems but don’t think that it stops here. We can never truly know the full impact our actions will have on those who see them from afar.

How many times have you been inspired by something you’ve heard or seen that happened light years away from your own life. Did you seek out that person to thank them for their contribution? – probably not. So, it’s the same for US.

If you are reading this, it’s because you have already shown your support for our cause and what we stand to GAIN by succeeding. If we reach our goal, imagine the shining example that will set for people across the nation. MILLIONS of people.

Who knows, maybe the young man or woman who is destined to cure cancer, or land on mars, or end poverty is watching what we do with great interest, unaware of what their life will one day be about, but all the while being inspired to do THEIR best and achieve THEIR dreams.

So I charge you, our supporters, to do just a little bit more: Buy a CD if you haven’t already.. or buy a SECOND CD and give it to a friend.. invite a couple of mates around and play them the documentary or do something REALLY crazy like open your wallet and donate half of whatever you happen to find in there.. YOU won’t miss that amount, not REALLY – but the difference we stand to make if we REACH $100,000 and have it bumped up to $500,000 is PHENOMENAL!

Thank you all for being right behind us in this and I know I speak for all the B4HY crew when I say we VERY MUCH look forward to being able to post these three little words: “WE.DID.IT”

Sincerely, Chris Morley xx

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