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Phil Lazenby, Goodbye and God bless you

BENDIGO for Homeless Youth Admin would like to express their deepest condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Phil Lazenby. We were all shocked and saddened at the news of his passing and he will be very sorely missed.

Phil was a champion for the cause. Not just OUR cause, but for ANY causes; for humanity itself. His ability to ‘get things done’ was nothing short of legendary and his passion for helping others achieve their best earned him an exemplary reputation in both his business and personal life.

During the very early days of “Bendigo for Homeless Youth” there was a conversation at Chris’ house one day where Luke, Dave and Chris were discussing what the cause needed and who we could enlist to help. Ideas were thrown around, names were jotted down on paper until finally someone said “..what WE need is Phil Lazenby!”

Phil became part of our efforts through the Lead On foundation, of which he was an integral part. Throughout 2012 he showed his prowess for helping others by helping US with ideas, planning, implementation and ultimately the enormous success of out 2012 campaign.

But he wasn’t just an ‘ideas’ man, he loved to get in and get his hands dirty. Our fondest memory of him during this time is the night of our Gala dinner when, as our charity auction began to slow and wither, Phil dived right in and started bidding on items. With reckless abandon he threw his hands up at every available opportunity, raising the stakes and even purchasing back items that HE HIMSELF had donated to the auction – all in the name of helping US to succeed.

That’s the kind of man we mourn today, one who believed in the power of every person to achieve greatness and make a difference.

Phil, mate, thank you for everything you did to help us out. Thank you for your strength, intelligence and passion. Thank you for standing up for others and for never letting that old adage of ‘near enough is good enough’ stunt your enthusiasm.

Goodbye and God bless you.

Sincerest love and respect,
-B4HY Admin

Thank you Bendigo

We have reached our $100,000 goal, and as promised Haven has raised it to $500,000. This could not have been possible without the community spirit and support that shone through during this campaign. Thank you Bendigo.