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Tune Into Spring

When: 27th October

Where: Tune Into Spring Festival @ The Big Hill Winery, Bendigo

A jam-packed FAMILY FUN DAY to raise funds to support Bendigo for Homeless Youth and The Father Bob Maguire Foundation.

“Ando’s Fro Must Go” – Local resident and La Trobe University Student,
Mitch Anderson, will have his afro shaved off live on stage

FEATURING LIVE ENTERTAINMENT FROM GLOBAL YOUTUBE SENSATION; Igor Presnyakov. (200 million hits, 431,000 subscribers)
Supported by Berlin Postmark, Pat Ward, Talisa Jobe, Taylor Sheridan & The Resonators.

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Tune into Spring 2013 Poster


Your Bendigo Charity is $70k strong and growing

Thanks to you, we have now raised $70,000 and with your help we can reach $100,000.

We would also like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. With your contribution will go towards helping those Youths who don’t have a home to go to for Christmas, so that in the future they will have.

How can you help?

It’s nearly Christmas, buy a “Home” CD, or a T-Shirt or a Wristband, or simply make a donation.

Buy Home CD’s    Buy T-Shirts    Buy Wristbands    Donate Now  

The campaign is really growing in momentum, and being picked up by major media institutions across Australia, such as ThoughtSpot PR featuring a media release.

Read the media release.

Bendigo raises $30,000 for homeless youth

Bendigo for Homeless Youth is now one step closer to its $100,000 target, with local residents contributing nearly $30,000 during a busy week of fundraising events.

Bendigo for Homeless Youth Patron, Keith Sutherland said Bendigo had lived up to its reputation as a dynamic and caring community.

“Our city has long been known as a place where the community comes together to achieve better social outcomes for our people,” Mr Sutherland said.

“Bendigo for Homeless Youth is a great example, with its young organisers working tirelessly to raise funds to help fight youth homelessness in our region.”

“Upon reaching $100,000, Bendigo for Homeless Youth hopes to leverage further funding from philanthropic donors, transforming our community’s contribution into a $500,000 donation towards a housing project being developed by community housing organisation Haven.

“More community support is needed and every one of us can play a part in reaching this ambitious goal simply by making a small contribution.”

Bendigo for Homeless Youth Co-founder, Luke Owens thanked everyone who donated to the appeal or gave their time over the weekend for their benevolence.

“The success of this campaign rellies heavily on the generosity of our community and this weekend proved to us how big-hearted Bendigo’s residents really are,” Mr Owens said.

“It’s fair to say that without the numerous donors, community volunteers and local businesses that provided in-kind and financial support over the weekend our fundraiser would not have been possible, let alone the great success it was.

“With the tin rattle and gala dinner behind us, our focus will now turn to raising the remaining funds through public donations and the sale of a charity mini-album entitled “Home”.

The album features Bendigo artists Albert Skipper, Leigh Turner, Taylor Sheridan, Rowden Kolone, Eliza DeAraugo, Penny Larkins, Talisa Jobe and Sheridan Parry, as well as 2010 Australia’s Got Talent finalists Cameron and Taylor Henderson and Tom Tuena

Copies are available for $20 via our online shop, Bendigo Bank branches and at the following businesses: Bendigo Community Telco, The Bridge Hotel, The Golden Vine, Exchange Restaurant and Bar, Haven and Brazilian Beauty.

People wanting to donate can log onto the Bendigo for Homeless Youth website or call into any Bendigo Bank branch. Donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible.

For media enquiries: Stephanie Ash 03 5485 6333 or

#BfHY isn’t just about Bendigo Homeless Youth

You know folks, this isn’t just about Bendigo..

Sure, we are raising money for OUR town to solve OUR town’s problems but don’t think that it stops here. We can never truly know the full impact our actions will have on those who see them from afar.

How many times have you been inspired by something you’ve heard or seen that happened light years away from your own life. Did you seek out that person to thank them for their contribution? – probably not. So, it’s the same for US.

If you are reading this, it’s because you have already shown your support for our cause and what we stand to GAIN by succeeding. If we reach our goal, imagine the shining example that will set for people across the nation. MILLIONS of people.

Who knows, maybe the young man or woman who is destined to cure cancer, or land on mars, or end poverty is watching what we do with great interest, unaware of what their life will one day be about, but all the while being inspired to do THEIR best and achieve THEIR dreams.

So I charge you, our supporters, to do just a little bit more: Buy a CD if you haven’t already.. or buy a SECOND CD and give it to a friend.. invite a couple of mates around and play them the documentary or do something REALLY crazy like open your wallet and donate half of whatever you happen to find in there.. YOU won’t miss that amount, not REALLY – but the difference we stand to make if we REACH $100,000 and have it bumped up to $500,000 is PHENOMENAL!

Thank you all for being right behind us in this and I know I speak for all the B4HY crew when I say we VERY MUCH look forward to being able to post these three little words: “WE.DID.IT”

Sincerely, Chris Morley xx

Buy ‘Home’ CD


Sharon Greenaway supports Bendigo for Homeless Youth

Sharon Greenaway kindly attended our Bendigo for Homeless Youth Gala Dinner and donated her time and expertise to take photos all evening-Please support our kind volunteers and sponsors and find out more about Sharon and her work at …and stay posted for her wonderful photographs covering the dinner!

Tin Rattle, #BfHY Luke and Volunteers

Thanks to all the volunteers, the #BFHY tin rattle, is going well today, raising money for Bendigo homeless youth.

See you all at the Gala dinner tonight…!

Luke shaking the tin

Luke shaking the tin

Home CD Preview

BfHY Update 6th October, CD Recording now done

Hi there BfHY supporters and volunteers.

It’s now only two weeks until the CD launch and Gala Fundraiser at the Bendigo Town Hall.  We’re excited!!!!

The CD

The song is completed, mixed and mastered and is now off for duplication and packaging. We’re very proud of what’s been done so far, thank you to all the talented people who have been a part of it.

After the launch the CD will be available for purchase (a bargain at $20!) through all Bendigo Bank branches, and most of the music shops around town – as well as plenty of others. We will let you know in our next update exactly where you can go for your copy.

Fundraising Donations

We’d like to acknowledge the following business and people who have already donated to the fundraising;
Bendigo Community Telco, Jimmy Possum, Oliver Birch, The LABoratory, Collins/ABC Shop, Phil Lazenby, Puggs Metro, The Rifle Brigade Hotel, The Sourdough Bakery, Spa Eleven, J’s Music, and Bendigo Winegrower’s.

A special donation has also been received from all the artists who performed on the song, they will be signing a guitar for the auction – a chance at getting some real Bendigo talent and history!

There’s room for more prizes and auction items, so please get in touch if you have something to contribute.

The Gala Fundraiser – 20th October

Don’t forget to get your tickets for the Gala Fundraiser. Father Bob Maguire Will be talking to us, Taylor and Cameron Henderson and Soul Child will be providing entertainment, and of course we will be performing our song ‘Home’.

For tickets go to Can’t make the evening? You can still volunteer or donate on‐line via

Unplugged for Charity – 21st October

The day after our Gala Fundraiser will be our next Unplugged for Charity event at the Golden Vine featuring The Resonators, Penny Larkins & Carl Pannuzzo, and our own Luke Owens. Come on down!

Tin Rattle Volunteers

Have you volunteered yet? Go to our website and volunteer as a tin‐rattler on the 20th of October, amongst other rewards for our helpers, you’ll get the opportunity to purchase discounted tickets to the dinner.

Thanks for your support; we look forward to seeing you at one of our events soon – let’s do this for Bendigo!

Luke & the BfHY Team

[Download as PDF]

BfHY Update 21st September, Keith Sutherland and more

Hi there BfHY supporters and volunteers.

Our campaign continues to get more exciting and grow in momentum every week, and before We know it the Tin Rattle, CD Launch and Charity Dinner on the  of October will be right up on us.

We have a patron!

We are very proud to announce that well known Bendigo community advocate Keith Sutherland has joined our team as patron. Keith has been helping us in the background for a long time, and it’s great to have him officially part of our team.

The CD

The Bendigo Youth choir have added their voices to the song, so now it’s time for final mixing and mastering for the final product. We’re already very proud of how it’s all coming together with many thanks and respect to all the great local artists who have contributed.

Latest news

Donations can now be made on-line via the Community Enterprise Foundation visit the BfHY website to donate.

Luke and the BfHY team have been spotted in the Bendigo Advertiser and the latest copy of X Magazine over the last couple of weeks – momentum is definitely building.

The Big Launch – 20″‘ October

Don’t forget our CD Launch and Charity Dinner on the 20th of October at the Bendigo Town Hall.

We are currently looking for items for our auction and raffle on the night, if you can help please Contact us.

Father Bob Maguire is looking forward to spending some time with us, Taylor and Cameron Henderson and Soul Child will be providing entertainment for the evening, and of course we will be performing our song ‘Home’.

Get in quick for your tickets, go to our website at to buy them – better still, buy a table! Don’t forget that anyone who volunteers for the tin-rattle that day will receive a discount on their ticket. lf you’ve registered as a volunteer we will get you the discount code – drop us an email and we’ll fix that up for you!

Unplugged for Charity

Our September 163th event saw a massive turn up from the DeAraugo family with AD from Star FM and his Australian Idol winning sister Kate spending sometime up on stage entertaining – and they’ll be back for a big day of live music, from 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. on Sunday 25th of November at the Golden Vine – put it in your diary now!

Tin Rattle Volunteers

Have you volunteered yet? Goto our website and volunteer as a tin-rattler on the 20th of October, amongst other rewards for our helpers, you’ll get the onportunitv to purchase discounted tickets to the dinner.

Thanks for your support; we look forward to seeing you at one of our events soon – let’s do this for Bendigo!

Luke & the BfHY Team

Luke meets the Myer Family

We had the pleasure of meeting the Myer Family and representatives of other major philanthropic organisations as part of a presentation by Ken from Haven. Luke told the story of why he started the BfHY movement and they are all enthusiastically supportive of the project – invites to the BfHY fundraising dinner were issued and we hope to see them all on the 20th of October – have you got your tickets yet?

Local musicians raise funds for Bendigo’s homeless youth

Bendigo for Homeless Youth musiciansBendigo, Friday 31 August 2012: Tickets are now on sale for the Bendigo for Homeless Youth gala
dinner, which will be held at the Bendigo Town Hall on Saturday 20 October 2012.

On any given night in Australia, more than 44,500 people are homeless. Nearly half of these are under
the age of 25. Surprisingly, there are over 700 children in Bendigo who don’t have a stable living
environment; they just need a home.

To combat this growing local issue, a group of Bendigo musicians have combined to form Bendigo for
Homeless Youth and are using their talents to write, record and release a charity mini-album to raise
$100,000 for the cause.

As well as selling the mini-album, Bendigo for Homeless Youth is raising funds through a series of local
‘Unplugged for Charity’ fundraising events.

Bendigo for Homeless Youth organiser, Luke Owens said funds raised would support a housing project
being developed by local community housing group, Haven.

“We wanted to see our fundraising efforts go towards an outcome that was part of a long-term solution,”
Mr Owens said.

“We were pleased to be able to meet with Haven and gain a better understanding of what can be done to
address homelessness at a local level.”

Mr Owens said the group would officially launch its mini-album at the dinner on October 20, performing
the charity single ‘Home’ for the first time.

“In addition to the launch, the dinner will also feature a range of guest speakers, including Father Bob
Maguire, a charity auction and live entertainment by Australia’s Got Talent finalists, Cameron and Taylor

“Our fundraising campaign will culminate with a live performance of ‘Home’ and a cheque presentation to
Haven at the Rotary Club of Bendigo Community Carols in December.

“To make a lasting difference, we need the support of our community. That’s why we’re encouraging as
many people and businesses as possible to buy tickets to the dinner, make a donation or purchase
Bendigo for Homeless Youth merchandise.”

Organisations already contributing to the cause include Bendigo Community Telco, Bendigo Bank, Star
FM Bendigo, City of Greater Bendigo, Peter Meade IT and Lead On Australia.

Tickets are on sale now at $120 for individuals, $500 for a group of five and $1000 for a table of ten. A
$100 early bird discount is available for those who get in quickly and purchase a table.

To purchase your ticket, make a donation or buy merchandise visit
Media enquiries: Luke Owens 0467 301 803

Buy Gala Dinner Fundraiser Tickets